01. The Perfect 10 Promise

Every nail manicured to perfection.

02. Controool! (Quality not Janet)

Quality over Speed. Efficiency with no shortcuts.

03. Poppin’ Products

The best product selection: on-trend and consistent.

04. Keep it Clean

Cleanliness and sanitation are paramount.

05. First Class

No coach at The TEN. We love our customers and everyone is a VIP.

06. Wait, Tech Town?

We use tech to enhance customer experience before, during, and after visits to streamline service, provide further comfort, and enhance efficiency.

07. Be Social!

Show off those nails! Dare we say a ‘nailfie?’ If you love it, share it!

08. Serene Scene

It’s all about the energy and environment. Our atmosphere= relaxed + renewed

09. The TEN LOVES 313

We love the Detroit community and are committed to giving back and supporting.

10. The TEN Family Over Everything

You! We promise only kindness + respect + service