Capitol Park

1. 1001 Woodward Ave Parking Garage
Entrance on State St. (2 hour validated parking provided upon request)

2. Independent Lot
On Griswold

3. The Z Lot
1234 Library St

4. Kennedy Square
856 Griswold St

5. Street parking
On Washington

6. Street Parking
On Woodward

7. Financial District Garage
730 Shelby

New Center

1. 22 W Milwaukee
Paid parking lot directly behind the nail bar. Entrance is on Milwaukee.

2. 6540 Cass Avenue
Cass Avenue Parking Garage. Hours: M-F 6AM - 10PM, Closed Sat and Sun.

3. Cass Avenue
Between West Grand Boulevard and Milwaukee. Free (2) hour street parking.

4. 3092 West Grand Boulevard
Paid Parking Lot.

5. 3071 West Grand Boulevard
Paid Parking Lot.

6. Lothrop Street
Paid meter street parking.

7. New Center One Parking Lot 4
Paid Parking Lot, directly across from 116 Lothrop street.